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Skilled Guidance In Brownsville Real Estate Matters

When you are purchasing or selling real property in Texas, you want to protect your investment and your rights. At the law office of Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz, we understand the importance of careful review and attention to details.

When it comes to real estate, real-world experience is key. Attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz has a broad-base of both legal knowledge and experience. As a former district attorney, she understands the law and the court system; as a former boarder control agent, she knows firsthand what the law can and cannot do and how it functions in the real world. She also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA). She brings this financial acumen and insight to bear on the real estate cases she counsels.

Assistance With Many Real Estate Matters

It has been said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is perhaps never truer than when it comes to signing contracts. Taking the time upfront to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of an agreement, and then making the effort to change those items that do not serve your best interest or goals, are key steps to success in any Texas real estate transaction.

Attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz‘s primary real estate work involves assisting clients with:

  • Liens
  • Document drafting and contract review
  • Warranty deeds
  • Real estate-related transactional work
  • Foreclosure reports
  • Buy/sell agreements

Invest the time and energy into getting the sound counsel you need to make wise decisions.

Discuss Your Real Estate Issue With An Attorney

When it comes to Texas property issues, Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz and our staff provide the guidance necessary to protect your rights and support your needs. Attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz can offer thoughtful legal advice and strong advocacy to your Texas real estate issue. Send us a brief summary of your issue via this website email. You can also call 956-997-3856 and speak with us about your matter.