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Competent, Sound Divorce Representation

Divorce is a major life change. Even when it is for the better for you or your children, it can still be a difficult process. At the law office of Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz in Brownsville, we offer passionate, personal and experienced divorce guidance and representation.

Attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz works one-on-one with you. She is approachable, accessible and responsive in addition to being experienced in the courtroom. These are important traits to have in a family law attorney.

An Attorney And Staff Who Listen First

When your marriage is ending, you have many questions and concerns. Divorce is an emotional process, and it’s important that you enlist the help of someone who will offer you the guidance and support you need to move forward.

We will first listen to your fears, concerns and challenges so that we understand your goals. We want you to feel secure and supported. This is especially true when there are children in the marriage whose lives will also change dramatically because of custody and parenting time. Our firm offers several benefits:

  • Attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz spent years in the courtroom as the assistant district attorney for Cameron County. She understands the legal system, the judges and how the courts work.
  • She is bilingual and serves clients in both English and Spanish.
  • She also earned a Master of Business Administration. She understands the financial aspects of divorce and can advise you on these decisions and their effects.

At Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz we are committed to offering quality family law service with an honest and zealous approach in protecting what’s most important to you.

Get Compassionate, Efficient And Committed Service

Get your questions answered and your concerns addressed. Call attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz at 956-997-3856 today. We are driven to provide the very best, personal legal representation available. You can also connect with the firm via this website email.