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Legal Guidance
From A Former District Attorney And Federal Agent

There are few traits more valuable than considerable real-world experience. Attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz offers years of service as both a district attorney and federal agent. Her commitment to passionate service for the Brownsville community has helped her gain a strong understanding of the legal system from multiple perspectives. She can offer thoughtful legal advice and strong advocacy regardless of the complexity of your issue.

Practice Areas

Family Law

Providing dedicated service to clients seeking divorce, custody and support modifications and other family matters.

Criminal Law

Vigorously defending clients’ rights and best interests in a range of criminal law matters including DWI, theft and assault.

Real Estate Law

My firm can provide assistance with liens, warranty deeds, foreclosure, transactions and other real estate matters.

Personal Injury

Holding negligent parties accountable in various personal injury matters including car accidents and product liability claims.

I Speak
Your Language

Understanding legal complexities can be a significant challenge. Attorney Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz will evaluate your legal matter and break down the intricacies of your case. She is a bilingual speaker, which allows her to communicate effectively with clients regardless of their native language. She takes great pride in being able to confidently present you with legal information in a digestible manner.

Proudly Serving Brownsville And Surrounding Communities

Committed To Honest And
Zealous Representation

Hiring an attorney can be a difficult process. There are many important factors to consider when determining which firm gives you the best opportunity to fulfill your wishes. Priscilla Ponce-Niedzwiedz is deeply committed to approaching every case with integrity and passion. She will be transparent with you about your legal options and advocate strongly in favor of your best interests every step of the way.